Coronavirus Updates

may 13th update

Hello, New Singers!

Here is the latest COVID-19 update:

We will be reopening in-person services beginning May 24th. Please refer to Pastor Justin's video here for the complete release, as well as clicking below to see the reopening plans for the campus you attend.

May 4th Update

Hello, New Singers!

Here is the latest COVID-19 update:

Like you, we know of Governor Holcomb’s five-stage process for reopening Indiana and will be meeting with NSC’s leadership this week to discuss our next steps as a church family. 

I know we are all very eager to gather - especially the Chambers family! - but there are many challenges to consider (and overcome) while moving forward. 

Our highest priority is continuing to protect all of you, but especially those who are at-risk. Once you consider the ongoing social distancing directive, wise decisions about sanctuary capacity, service times and disinfection practices are proving difficult. 

Even more complicated is the fact that disinfectants, including hand sanitizing stations that we have already purchased, are on back-order. There is also the issue with children’s ministry. Can it resume as normal? Are parents comfortable with that? How about the Kid’s Dream Team members? 

And if we increase the number of our services to match seating capacity allowed by social distancing - at least 4-6 weekend services - how does that affect the worship band, the audio/visual team and other necessary Dream Team members? We will also need a method to spread attendance among all services as to not turn people away. 

Those are the questions we must answer. And again, at the heart of it all, protecting our church family, especially the vulnerable, is of utmost importance. 

So please know that we have phenomenal leaders here at NSC that have been, and will be, praying and discussing these important issues. 

Also, remember that we’re in a tough spot. With hundreds and hundreds of church family members, we know it’s almost impossible to make everyone happy. So we hope you’ll trust our hearts. As always, we’re living for your good - for your benefit - because that’s what love does. 

This one thing we know right now: services will still be online on Sundays, May 8 and 15, as we work diligently to develop a process that will prove successful. We’ll keep you updated as soon as possible. 

The good news is we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. We want to say thank you for your patience and support. We love you dearly and can’t wait to worship with you again! 

Pastor Justin

march 19 update

Even though services have been canceled, we won't stop BEING the church. We encourage all of you to gather in your homes at 10:00am this Sunday and join us for church online! You will hear the announcements, have an opportunity to give online or through the mail and enjoy Pastor Justin's sermon as we continue our current series. Sure, doing church will look different, but through this difficult season, we're still a family and need to live life together as the Church!

So join us on our Facebook this Sunday morning at 10:00am by clicking below!

March 16 update

Dearest New Song Family,

Last night, we were told that the CDC is asking that churches stop meeting for the next 8 weeks. Obviously, we will comply with this request. 

Effective immediately, New Song will no longer meet on Sunday mornings for the next two months. 

Of course, this is difficult for us as we truly believe that in times of crisis, the Church is needed more than ever before. In times of fear, the voice of faith needs to be heard more than ever. But since gathering as a large group is no longer an option, I hope you will hold to the following truth. 

When we are faced with situations that bring fear into our lives, we have two choices: 1) we can let our fear keep us from living the life God calls us to or 2) we can choose to convert our fear into faith through prayer, reading the Word and claiming God’s promises over our lives and our loved ones. Let’s make the decision today to put our full trust in God and not be shaken by what’s happening in our world. 

Psalm 16:8 tells us to keep our eyes always on the Lord. With Him at our right hand, we will not be shaken!

Of course we are making plans for online services and will contact you via social media and email as soon as possible. Until then know that you are loved and covered in prayer! 

Pastor Justin

march 13 update

Hello New Song Family!

We know that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has become a worldwide concern and is on the top of everyone’s minds. No doubt many of you have already seen the news reports coming from Governor Holcomb with the steps the State of Indiana is taking to protect us from Coronavirus. Along with the State, we are also taking precautions when it comes to our Sunday gatherings, as well as upcoming events that we have planned. Pastor Justin will speak to this, and to changes that are being made at NSC, at our normally scheduled services this Sunday morning.

Of course, following recommendations from state and local agencies, we are increasing our efforts to maintain a clean and safe environment for everyone by providing a supply of alcohol-based hand sanitizers available for use at every service and location (in addition to the soaps already available in the restrooms). We will also be cleaning and sanitizing our children's area with the appropriate cleaners to ensure that those areas are safe for our children; this will also be done between Sunday services.

We will be moving forward with our Dream Team Night at Christo's Banquet Hall on Sunday night as we will fall well within the safety standards being introduced by Governor Holcomb.

In order to keep all of us safe, we also ask all of you to take precautions as well:

  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Stay home if you are not feeling well.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with your forearm when coughing and sneezing.
  • Wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds at a time. Use soap and water when possible. If no soap and water are available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with 60%-95% alcohol.

In this time, we know it’s easy to fall into a spirit of fear and anxiety, so we want to remind you what the Bible says: 

  • For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7).
  • You will not fear the terror of night, nor the arrow that flies by day, nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness, nor the plague that destroys at midday. A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you (Psalm 91:5-7).

Though it is wisdom to take precaution – and we are - let us not entertain a spirit of fear, but trust in the Lord with all that’s within us. 

Again, Pastor Justin will share any and all upcoming changes this Sunday morning at 9:00 and 10:45. We’ll see you then!